CryptoSkulls are made up of 10,000 collectible ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) stored on the Ethereum Blockchain.

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CryptoSkulls first launched in 2019 and it is widely believed CryptoSkulls was the second ever 10,000 supply profile picture (pfp) collection to launch following CryptoPunks, as a result CryptoSkulls are commonly referred to as a 'Historical' collectible throughout the web3 community.

Ordinal CryptoSkulls

«Ordinal CryptoSkulls» by CryptoSkulls team - 2009 unique pixel art visuals, created specifically for Bitcoin blockchain and inscribed onto satoshis. Meet new color palette inspired by the original Bitcoin logo by Satoshi Nakamoto.
The CryptoSkulls project pre-dates typical NFT rarity systems and utilizes an organic system called "Uniqueness Index" to attempt to establish trait rarity. The lower the UI, the rarer the features! Check it out.


Skull Lords
The SKULL LORDS are 10 legendary hand drawn CryptoSkulls images. Skull Lords are the rarest of the rare and can be found under Uniqueness Index 1.



Full Commercial Rights
CryptoSkulls owners have full commercial rights to the art in their owned wallets.

Merchandising, Derivatives, and Commercial Use
There are no monetary limits on earnings on merchandise, derivatives or other commercial uses.

Copyright Transfer
It is our opinion that a blockchain transaction satisfies the legal requirement for copyright transfer. So copyright ownership of each individual image is adjudicated by the Ethereum/Polygon address for which the non-fungible token (NFT) of that image is assigned. Upon transfer or sale of the NFT to a new owner, the previous owner gives up all claims to the copyright.
Every CryptoSkull is a playable token in upcoming Gold of Skulls game. This game will be the first game where the uniqueness of the collectible token will affect the uniqueness of the player. And it will be revolutionary.
To support game development we marked 1000 CryptoSkulls as Game Token — these tokens will have extra features in a game!
Gold of Skulls game
Gold of Skulls will be a multiplayer collectible card game with a heavy focus on heroes. Heroes will consist of CryptoSkulls, Demonic Skulls, and also off-chain heroes that are unique to Gold of Skulls .

No NFTs will be required to play Gold of Skulls, however, both CryptoSkulls and Demonic Skulls NFTs are playable characters in the game.

Game Token holders will have a significant advantage due to the "Immortality" of their in-game characters.

CryptoSkulls aims to become a leading innovator in the NFT space with a primary focus on creating unique and enjoyable ecosystems through gaming. Our ecosystems are tailored to attract a multitude of web2 and web3 users in an attempt to not only bridge both communities but also to push the boundaries of contemporary gaming as you know it.

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CryptoSkulls community feedback
  • CryptoSkulls provides relatable avatars for the undead. The simple pixel representation allows each CryptoSkull to captivate its beholder differently. Not every corpse is the same! Some have glowing eyes, mohawks, tattered eyepatches or weathered beards. This project has consistently demonstrated true inclusion of those who are zombified, rotting, bleached or otherwise emaciated.
  • Skulls have always been iconic. From heavy metal to «heros» like the Punisher, skulls bring a raw and personal expression to our existence. The @Crypto_Skulls project further creates an icon in pixels as an OG project following closely in the footsteps of @larvalabs CryptoPunks. I am a proud collector of punks and skulls!
  • I'm addicted to CryptoSkulls. As a social identity NFT they are definitely underrated as they are one of the oldest ERC-721 collections out there. They're also a thinking-person's collectible. On the surface it may seem obvious what skulls you should collect, but as you dig deeper into feature rarity and distribution scarcity, it becomes far more intriguing.
    Eric P. Rhodes
  • I remember CryptoSkulls as one of the keystone collections that caught my eye in the early days of NFTs. The structure of a limited run of 10,000 unique designs forged from a combination of variable traits has gone on to become a popular theme in the space. OG pixelated skulls — a must have for any NFT collector.

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